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Here's How It Works:

Through our integrated technology, automated systems, and experienced dedicated staff we can reduce the monthly overhead of the traditional practice by eliminating thousands of dollars in monthly costs.   

PHASE 1: Schedule and Attend a Pre-Planning Meeting

  1. We will host a virtual meeting with your team and go over our services and how we can best support your practice.   
  2. We will idneitfy your current workflows to insure we incorporate them into future planning
  3. We will tailor our services to the support you would like us to provide.

PHASE 2: Create a Development Proposal and General Service Agreement

  1. We will submit a practice development plan and proposal for the services identified in our intial meeting
  2. We will outline additional services we feel you could benefit from that will help with your  future growth
  3. You will select the service package you would like and submit that to your team.
  4. Once the approved proposal is received by your team, we will develop a tailored contract for our services
  5. Once signed, our Team gets to work and On-Boarding begins!

PHASE 3: On-Boarding and Set Up of Your HIPAA-Compliant Integrated Technology System
This is a Simultaneous 3 Step Process

Step 1 - On-Boarding

  1. On-Boarding Team sends the company owner or authorized representative a WELCOME LETTER.
  2. The WELCOME LETTER includes a WELCOME PACKET designed to gather all the information we need to the initial set up of the Practice and its providers.
  3. This information is used to establish the account and to provide the neccesary location information for linking its providers to the group.
  4. A link/invitation is sent to the practice and each provider within the group so that they can log in and approve the transfer of data from CAQH Proview and the NPPES System to quickly populate the credentialing software for completing the initial credentialing or to establish the maintenance account used to insure ongoing credentialing

Step 2 - Contracting and Credentialing

  1. Once the initial data is uploaded for the practice and the linked providers, a link/invitation is sent to the practice and each provider within the group so that they can log in and approve the transfer of data from CAQH Proview and the NPPES System to quickly populate the credentialing software for completing the initial credentialing or to establish the maintenance account used to insure ongoing credentialing.
  2. A Validation review is completed for each enrolled provider of the group to determine their credentialing status with local and area health plans.
  3. If credentialed, the data base is updated to reflect the credentialing status, the effective date, and all locations where the provider is linked.
  4. This information is provided to the practice for review and if needed, any unnecessary links are removed.  
  5. Once fully credentialled, each credentialed provider is then moved into the maintenance phase.

Step 3 - Software and Technology Set Up

Rather than spending weeks and months trying to figure this out yourself… We do it for you!

You get EVERYTHING you need: 

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Electronic Health Record (Tailored to YOUR Specialty)
  • e-Prescribe Software (Thrid Party Vendor Paid Separately)
  • Patient Portals
  • Practice Management System
  • Credentialing System With Your Own Practice Portal
  • Call Center Software Set Up With Your Own Dedicated Phone Lines
  • Remote Patient Monitoring Systems (ROM, CCM, PCM, TCM, RTM, AND BHI!)
  • Other EHR Modules that allow us to tailor the system to your practice needs

You can save hundreds to thousands of dollars each month on software fees alone!    
AND, you get EVERYTHING you need to start your practice WITHOUT wasting months of your time doing it all yourself   In record time your practice can be up and running!

Phase 4 - Service Mapping and Set Up

After our initial planning meeting we develop a practice workflow to insure we are providing you and your practice with everything you need.   We learn how you like your phones answered, how patients are processed into care, how patient data is caputured, what services you currently offer and explore new lines of business, and so much more!

You get EVERYTHING you need: 

  • Call Center Services Including:  Answering Service, New Patient Registration. Scheduling Services and more.
  • Front Desk Support:  Including Benefits and Eligibility Verification, Reminder Calls, Scheduling Audits and more.
  • Back Office Support:  Referral Management, Authorization Management
  • RCM Services Including:
  • RPM/CCM Services:

You can save thousands of dollars each month on staffing costs alone!    
AND, you get all the support you need.   I

Phase 5: We Recruit & Train Your Staff

Need a little help and support in the clinic?  We can recruit & train your winning team.  Including support staff, admin assistants, NPs, and any other healthcare providers you choose.  We handle the recruiting, hiring, and training FOR YOU.  Your highly trained staff can hit the ground running on Day 1.  Fully trained to work in your clinic.  A clinic that practically runs itself, How amazing is that! 

New providers can be credentialed in less than 180 days*, so they are ready to generate income the day they walk in your doors to go to work.  We make it easy!

Our Practice Tailored Learning Management System allows us to offer the basic required training recommended for a private practice.   We track ongoing training to ensure compliance with internal and external regulatory requirements. We can provide online training certificates for staff and practices allowing for you to easily demonstrate to auditors your dedication to high quality patient care and compliance with all pertinent training recommendations.

And do you want to know the absolute best part is? 


All of This Can Be Done for Less Than the Cost of One Employee!  


HOW! You Might Ask?

Call Today to Learn How

Just what do you get?  Well, you get….

  • A FULLY trained team of staff and experts that are managed & paid for by us.
  • Thousands in Software Savings as We Provide It for You 
  • Help in generating 15-30+ new patients every month

Along With Our Full Suite of Support Services Including:

  1. Call Center Services
  2. Scheduling
  3. New Patient Registration
  4. Eligibility and Verification Services
  5. Medical Records Processing
  6. Claims processing
  7. Claims follow-up
  8. Denial & Appeals Management
  9. Payment Posting
  10. Patient Collections
  11. Credentialing
  12. Recredentialing and Maintenance Services
  13. Contracting Services
  14. Website Design
  15. And so much more!

YES, All This for LESS than the cost of a single employee.

If That Sounds Good To You…..

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We will send you a link to on-board with our network of exceptional providers.  That information will let us know which conditions & treatment styles you plan on providing patients, You work schedule desired, and more!  Then we begin building your clinic.


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What would normally take you months, if not YEARS… we do FOR YOU in easy 7 days. We build your team, set up your tech and build your processes all while you are just lying on the Beach!